Friday, August 24, 2012

Proven Lakwatsera

I was born with itchy feet.

No, I don’t have alipunga (athlete’s foot, or should I say athlete’s feet?  hehehe). I just have this constant urge of going around. I am restless if I was asked to stay in one place.

That’s exactly the reason why my hubby can’t rely on me when we agree to meet someplace. Naiinip ako agad sa isang lugar, I always tend to roam around to pass the time. To me it seems forever, waiting for someone particularly at a place I don’t really enjoy.

Scenario: Meet Up at Timezone Megamall 6PM (conversation via SMS)

Hubby: Wer na u? Palabas na ako ng opisina.
Me: Dito lang me sa Timezone. Antayin kita. *kiss*

6:15PM @ Timezone Megamall

Hubby: Asan ka dito? Kala ko ba Timezone ka?
Me: Tagal mo e. Dito na ako sa Forever21, window shopping.
Hubby: WTF?! Labo mo kausap. Bumalik ka nga dito! Lint*k!

I have been like that since I was a child. Well, not really to the point where I make my kalaro (playmates) crazy finding where I am.  I just believe that time was given for us to learn. It should be spent to explore and discover something new.

At a young age, about 8 or 9 (i guess), I was already leading my girlfriends in exploring the wild jungles of Novaliches with our bikes. Mindanao Avenue then was a huge field where goats loiter all afternoon. hahaha. Until it was developed into that accident prone road which gave us the opportunity to ride our bikes up to Sauyo, Bagbag even Bayan.

When I was about 5th or 6th grade, the St. James – SM North route was already plying Mindanao Avenue. Dito ako natuto maging total lakwatsera ng SM North Edsa. Don’t worry, we never cut class, we go there after classes end.

High School. Lakwatsa pa rin. This time, I explored the bustling streets of Manila. Lahat ata ng biyahe ng jeep passing Dapitan nasakyan ko. Everytime I hail a jeepney, I have no concrete plans of where to go. Bahala na si Batman, libot na lang kung saan pupulutin.

I still do the same until now. Just for fun. Just for the thrill of it. I am still living in Quezon City but I take bus rides going to Sta. Maria, Bulacan or San Jose del Monte just for the heck of it.

I still want to explore places and discover something new. I will continue my journey wherever my feet takes me.